Our curriculum is comprehensive, with an emphasis on hands-on learning and spiritual growth. Epworth Preschool uses the curriculums below that are designed for each age group. In addition, Epworth Preschool has Music and Physical Education Specials twice a week. During Music, the children learn new songs and dances. In Physical Education, they get to work on strengthening their gross motor skills and play with their friends. Chapel is held on Thursdays, where the children sing and learn about God’s love for us. There are also many special events and activities throughout the year to keep our children excited and engaged. Epworth Preschool has in house speech and occupational therapy if needed.

Epworth United Methodist Preschool utilizes Frog Street Curriculum. Frog Street Curriculum is a comprehensive program that uses research-based scope and sequence for literacy, math, and content domains. It also includes strategies to build strong social-emotional foundations to help children problem solve and learn about their emotions.

The curriculum is structured with thematic units which include learning activities in literacy, math, science, social studies, social-emotional skills, and more. The children will be immersed in a theme, where they may be scientists on one day and artists the next. Children will learn new vocabulary and begin to make connections to their prior knowledge throughout their daily experiences.

Scholastic Magazine provides the students with weekly science and social studies articles that engage the children by utilizing current themes. The articles correlate to the current month providing information such as, classroom rules in the beginning of the school year, to seasonal changes and current holidays. The children love the bright colors, engaging pictures, and the fact that they take a magazine home weekly!