Welcome to Epworth Preschool where LOVE spills over! We pride ourselves in providing a safe, loving, and spiritually nurturing environment for our students and families. We want to spark a LOVE for learning. Our teachers are here to provide opportunities for your child to develop physically, cognitively, and socially/emotionally. Their days will be filled with fun activities that encourage problem solving, creating, and exploring. Our teachers strive to build positive self-image, academic excellence, and a strong foundation of God’s love for us. Family participation is encouraged throughout the year to foster the importance of education in your child’s life.



Our K2 classrooms are full of movement and songs. The children are exploring with materials like blocks, playdough, paints, and water play. The teachers are ready to help your child explore their senses in a safe environment, increase self-expression, develop language skills through play, and much more.


Our K3 classrooms are singing the alphabet, listening to stories, and playing with sensory toys. Our teachers are helping the children to verbalize emotions, comprehend stories that are being read, sorting objects, and building number sense just to name a few things.


Our VPK classrooms are filled with opportunities to build independence. The children will increase letter knowledge and phonics skills, along with exploring numbers and strengthening their mathematical skills through play. They are gaining skill sets to be Kindergarten Ready.